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My Body, My Capital

An unusual commission for Sacrum Profanum! Have a look at  Piotr Peszat’s " My Body, My Capital"!

We leave the Discomfort Zone

From the opera for children  Dragon Zoo , through four hour-long meditations and a series of improvisations, up to Steve Reich’s African...

An intensive day in the Discomfort Zone

The last but one day of the festival passed following the motto “embarras de richesse”. We began it with a concert given by children who sang,...

A thicket of sound in Nowa Huta

The Friday night is the very essence of the festival, a meeting of three aesthetics: Eastman’s minimalism, Rădulescu’s spectralism and Walshe’s...

Farewell to Moondog in the ocean of sound

From a tribute to Moondog by the French Cabaret Contemporain, to the immersion in drone vibrations at the Museum of Municipal Engineering — in...

The excluded enter the Discomfort Zone

The Zone of Discomfort occupies two theatres in Nowa Huta – Ludowy and Łaźnia Nowa. The festival audience could hear musical stories from two...

The first step into the Discomfort Zone

The erotic dimension of new music, driven out by the avant-garde, was the starting point of this year’s edition of the Sacrum Profanum Festival. On...

Everything is important

The Sacrum Profanum Festival marks many tracks which are covered in the guidebook  Everything Is Important . Instead of simply presenting the...

Sacrum Profanum on-air

Sacrum Profanum starts tomorrow! For six days contemporary music will be ruling the city. But the festival will also reach the audience all over...

Your own Discomfort Zone

Sacrum Profanum is closer and closer. During the last weekend before the Festival, we prepared a small challenge!


Contemporary classical and improvised music (not necessarily related to jazz) have always intertwined and affected one another closely. The...

Romanian Spectralism

When we think about the soundscapes around us, we subconsciously split them into music and non-music, although the division is undoubtedly...

The Discomfort Zone is expanding!

Free concerts, meetings, workshops and discussions all form part of the programme of this year’s Sacrum Profanum Festival, kicking off on 26...

Ocean of Sound - David Toop's music at the Sacrum Profanum Festival

Before we listen to "night leaves breathing" of the English composer during the "Meditations" concert, we join forces with Łukasz Komła from...

Steve Reich’s Maestro
Gideon Alorwoyie in the Discomfort Zone

Gideon Alorwoyie and his ensemble are joined by the American group Mantra Percussion during the finale of this year’s Sacrum Profanum, held on 1...

Sacrum Profanum is looking for volunteers!

Do you want to participate in the organisation of Sacrum Profanum festival? Do you want to gain practical experience in the music and film...

Moondog: an introduction

Among 20 concerts of the Sacrum Profanum Festival, there are two devoted to works by The Viking of 6th Avenue. 

Oren Ambarchi at the Sacrum Profanum’s Discomfort Zone

The Australian composer and multi-instrumentalist will perform twice at the upcoming edition of Sacrum Profanum. 

Ana-Maria Avram passed away

Very sad message. On August 1, the composer, pianist and conductor Ana-Maria Avram passed away. We offer sincere condolences to Iancu Dumitrescu,...

Sacrum Profanum: enter the discomfort zone!

Aaron Turner, Aidan Baker, Alvin Lucier, Apartment House, Arditti Quartet, avant-garde, children, Eliane Radigue, eroticism, H.M. Górecki,...
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