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A romantic concert recalling the Ars Antiqua early music and form. From 1 to 7 is a cycle of songs written for soprano Yeyoung Sohn and guitarist Marcin Dylla. The material also pays homage to the composer’s mother, the acclaimed artist Dorota Grynczel, recalling the painful process of saying goodbye and her death. She reached for textures, colour, light and geometry in her paintings, and these elements are also present in Węgłowski’s music. Although his works are imbued with disquiet and gloom, they are also punctuated with light and even romanticism. The album attempts to redefine songs of the Middle Ages, when the vocal line was frequently accompanied by a string instrument. It’s also worth noting that the sounds made by the guitar and amplified with a specially-constructed microphone, treated as building blocks of compositions, are far from the source. Most of all, the performance offers a true redefinition of this classical instrument. Węgłowski can be described as an artist working on the boundary of composition and alternative; an artist who is equally at home with electronica, synths and ambient sounds as minimalist composition and traditional form. He has released two albums on the Kairos Music label, which is a major achievement for such a young artist.

Stefan Węgłowski – From 1 to 7 (2017) 40’

Yeyoung Sohn ¬– soprano
Stefan Węgłowski – electronics

Visualizations: Jakub Wróblewski