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Sacrum Profanum 2024



20. Sacrum Profanum | Day 8

20. Sacrum Profanum | Day 7

20. Sacrum Profanum | Day 6

20. Sacrum Profanum | Day 5

20. Sacrum Profanum | Day 4

20. Sacrum Profanum | Day 3

20. Sacrum Profanum | Day 2

20. Sacrum Profanum | Day 1

Sacrum Profanum 2021 | Day 5

Sacrum Profanum 2021 | Day 4

Sacrum Profanum 2021 | Day 3

Sacrum Profanum 2021: Day 2

17th Sacrum Profanum | Epilogue

Martyna Zakrzewska | 17th Sacrum Profanum

Anna Karpowicz | 17th Sacrum Profanum

Wojtek Blecharz | 17th Sacrum Profanum

17th Sacrum Profanum | Video

17th Sacrum Profanum | Final

17th Sacrum Profanum: Day 8

17th Sacrum Profanum: Day 7

17th Sacrum Profanum: Day 6

17th Sacrum Profanum Festival | Neighbourhood

17th Sacrum Profanum: Day 5

17th Sacrum Profanum: Day 4

17th Sacrum Profanum Festival | The Beginning

17th Sacrum Profanum: Day 3

17th Sacrum Profanum: Day 2

17th Sacrum Profanum: Day 1

The very beginning of 17. Sacrum Profanum

Sacrum Profanum 2019: how to spell lithuanian names?

17th Sacrum Profanum Festival soon!

Counting to 17th Sacrum Profanum Festival

Richard Mosse | Incoming

Sacrum Profanum 2019: children voices

Two days to 17th Sacrum Profanum Festival

Where to find Sacrum Profanum 2019?

17th Sacrum Profanum Festival accompanying events

How to define Sacrum Profanum Festival?

Sacrum Profanum and its origins

17 years of Sacrum Profanum Festival

Why You should join Sacrum Profanum Festival?

You are welcome at Sacrum Profanum Festival

Sacrum Profanum 2024

Mariacki bugle call played by Marco Blaauw!

Sacrum Profanum 2024

Sacrum Profanum 2018: The best of!

Sacrum Profanum 2024

Sacrum Profanum child friendly!

Sacrum Profanum 2024

Sacrum Profanum 2018: concerts and accompanying events

Sacrum Profanum 2018: day 5

Sacrum Profanum 2018: Press conference

Sacrum Profanum 2018: 4th day

Sacrum Profanum 2018: 3rd day

Sacrum Profanum 2018: 2nd day

Sacrum Profanum 2018: 1st day

SP2018: Day #1

Daniel Cichy about Sławomir Kupczak

Daniel Cichy about Zygmunt Krauze

Sacrum Profanum 2024

Barbara Bogunia about Emigrants concert

Barbara Bogunia about concert Actions

Daniel Cichy about Witold Szalonek

SP2018: Rehearsals

Sacrum Profanum 2024

Sacrum Profanum 2018 - spot

Sacrum Profanum 2024

Feel invited to the Ahat ilī – Sister of Gods opera

SP2017: reportage 6

SP2017: day 6

SP2017: Reportage 5

SP2017: day 5

SP2017: reportage 4

SP2017: day 4

SP2017: reportage 3

SP2017: day 3

SP2017: reportage 2.

SP2017: day 2

SP2017: reportage 1

SP2017: day 1

SP2017: teaser

SP2016: Summary

SP2016: Labirynt

SP2016: Opera about Poland

SP2016: Korall Koral

SP2016: Virginal Co Ordinates

SP2016: Sono Genera

SP2016: Folie à Deux

SP2016: Zorn in a Chamber

SP2016: Bruit

SP2016: Éclast / Hommage à Pierre Boulez

SP2016: Acousmatic

SP2016: Whale Watching

SP2016: Press conference

SP2016: Meeting and workshops

SP2016: Spot

SP2015: Spot

SP2015: Reportage, part 2.

SP2015: Reportage, part 3.

SP2015: Reportage, part 1.

SP2015: Gallery

SP2014: Advertising spot

SP2014: Classic!Now

SP2014: Modern!Now

SP2014: Kronos Quartet Residency

SP2014: Warp25

SP2014: Gallery

SP2013: Polish Icons 2 reportage

SP2013: Reportage part 2

SP2013: Reportage part 1

SP2013: Portishead announcement

SP2013: Adrian Utley's invitation

SP2013: Geoff Brarrow

SP2013: Advertising spot

SP2013: Gallery

SP2012: Finale

SP2012: Advertising spot

SP2012: Monographic concerts

SP2012: Polish Icons reportage

SP2012: Sigur Rós and Kronos Quartet

SP2012: Gallery

SP2011: Introduction

SP2011: Advertising spot

SP2011: Inauguration

SP2011: Modern Classic

SP2011: Modern Classic - Steve Reich

SP2011: Made in Poland Concerts

SP2011: Finale part 2

SP2011: Finale part 1

SP2011: Gallery

SP2010: Modern Classic

Modern Classic

Modern Classic

Modern Classic

SP2010: Modern Classic

SP2010: Modern Classic

SP2010: Modern Classic

SP2010: Modern Classic

SP2010: Modern Classic

SP2010: Freak

SP2010: Freak

SP2010: Agata Zubel

SP2010: Pawel Mykietyn

SP2010: Freak Gallery

SP2010: Classic Gallery

SP2009: Summary

SP2009: Roland Diry

SP2009: Emilio Pomarico

SP2009: Vera Fisher

SP2009: Elizabeth Atherton

SP2009: David Atherton

SP2009: Hannu Lintu

SP2009: Martin Lindsay

SP2009: Jason Swinscoe

SP2009: Johnatan Harvey

SP2009: Ensemble Modern

SP2009: Klangforum Wien

SP2009: Ensemble Modern

SP2009: London Sinfonietta

SP2009: London Sinfonietta

SP2009: Ensemble Recherche

SP2009: Ensemble Intercontemporain


SP2009: The Cinematic Orchestra

SP2009: TVP reportage part 3

SP2009: TVP reportage part 1

SP2009: TVP reportage part 2

SP2009: Spot

SP2009: Gallery

SP2008: Victoria Simmonds and Alan Oke

SP2008: Ilan Volkov

SP2008: David Atherton

SP2008: Helmut Lachenmann

SP2008: Johannes Kalitzke

SP2008: Marc Minkowski

SP2008: Theatre of Voices

SP2008: Ute Lemper

SP2008: TVP3 reportage part 2

SP2008: TVP3 reportage part 3

SP2008: TVP3 reportage part 1

SP2008: Spot

SP2008: Photo gallery

SP2007: Gallery