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Sacrum Profanum 2024


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The Małopolska Garden of Arts



Repetitive minimalism in synergy with technology, mathematical principles and primitive electronics.


Tristan Perich is commonly seen as one of the most interesting American composers of our time, who developed a unique language and sets the course for future development of music. His work is inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of mathematics, physics and computer code, sometimes described as a raw combination of dehumanized electronics and organic nature of the instruments. The important part of Perich's music is the pulse, which vibrates with an intense, hypnotic force and surprising emotional depth. The press hailed it as techno music for silicon life forms, and the musician seems to focus on technology, as well as references to the audio capabilities of pre–gaming computers as a key point of reference. At the Sacrum Profanum we will hear Open Symmetry for three vibraphones and a set of 20 speakers with single–bit electronics. This combination of classical instruments and primitive electronics is the composer’s hallmark. The piece will be performed by the musicians of French Ensemble 0 and Swiss Eklekto, for whom it was originally composed.


Wojtek Blecharz will attempt to transform a traditional piano concerto into an installation for the piano and a set of wireless speakers placed around the pianist and offer listeners a more interactive experience.


Rei Nakamura will be in the middle of the room, surrounded by the audience. The piece has no specific duration. The programme includes a performative and participatory process. The composer himself will be responsible for the initial placement of the speakers, as well as changing their locations to create new layouts and arrangements. The space will change visually and sonically to create a new context for the piano. The audience will be included in the process, involved in the creation and co–performance of the piece, which will give the artists an opportunity to create a sense of community and shared responsibility for the concert, thus enhancing the immersive experience. The piano part will range from hypnotic, ambient passages harmonised with the electronic music playing from the speakers to masterfully performed fragments dominating the performance. 

7:00 p.m.
Tristan PerichOpen Symmetry for three vibraphones and single–bit electronics (2018) 53 [Polish première]
Ensemble 0
8:00 p.m.
Wojtek Blecharz Piano Concerto for piano, wireless speakers and 1–5 performers (2023) 45 [world première]
Wojtek Blecharz – performance
Rei Nakamura – piano
Venue: Małopolska Garden of Arts



The Małopolska Garden of Arts

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The Małopolska Garden of Arts is a place, where the cultural life of the Kraków’s young artistic set blossom under a shared roof. Modern ballet, contemporary theatre forms, audio and video arts, concerts, and all and any other artistic pursuits find their home here. The building of MGA introduced new spatial order to the old backyards and ruined buildings in Rajska and...