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Tickets for the festival are already on sale!


Tickets for the 19th Sacrum Profanum Festival will be on sale from today. This year's Maturity program is a natural follow-up to last year’s Youth program, but will include also concerts referring to the celebration of the Year of Lem. All Sacrum Profanum concerts will be held live with an audience, and the festival will last from 29th September till 3rd October 2021 in Krakow. Tickets are available

This year’s concerts will be held not only in well-known locations, such as ICE Kraków or Łaźnia Nowa Theatre, but also in less obvious places: the National Museum and the Aula of the Academy of Music in Krakow. The program includes also a concert whose location will remain known until the last moment. ‘Esoteric Chords’ – a recital by Martyna Zakrzewska with compositions by outstanding pianist Barbara Buczek, whose works were regarded as impossible to perform for many years, will be held as a ‘secret show’ with a limited number of entrance passes!

In this year’s repertoire, we will juxtapose young Belgian composer Maya Verlaak with Olivier Messiaen, alternative-avant-garde guitarist, producer and composer Jim O'Rourke with Igor Stravinsky, as well as conceptual artist and curator Ryoko Akama with Anton Webern. In this way – on the basis of three musical traditions: classical, contemporary and avant-garde – we have built the program of another concert: The Three Colours. We did not choose this title by accident – it is a conscious and direct reference to the work and symbolism of Krzysztof Kieślowski. At the ~maturity concert, the new composition by Ole Hübner inspired by the time of pandemic isolation, coming of age at an accelerated pace in the face of challenges and the soundscape at home will be juxtaposed with classic representatives of contemporary music, such as Pauline Oliveros or La Monte Young. The festival will be opened with Purifiction (previously communicated as ‘3_100’) – a performance by Katarzyna Kalwat with music by Agata Zubel, which will be a pre-premiere show on that occasion.

The Sacrum Profanum Festival joins also the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Lem with two concerts: The Laconic Expression of Modernity and Summa Lemmologiae. Therefore, alongside literary, scientific or philosophic events, the year devoted to this exceptional author cannot do without music proposals. Prepared specially for Sacrum Profanum, two programs with premiere compositions will be performed live by proMODERN and the Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble with soprano Joanna Freszel.

The 19th Sacrum Profanum Festival will also celebrate a few important anniversaries. During the Not Long Ago concert, alongside Agata Zubel and Paweł Szymański, we will also hear a piece by Paweł Mykietyn, one of the most important living Polish composers. In 2021, Mykietyn celebrates the 50th birthday; we want to take this anniversary into account, so the program of the Polish Radio Choir will feature his new composition. Commissioned by the choir, Choral and Canon is based on Leyla Daryoush's poem about the forlorn hope for a new life and the mother’s despair over the loss of her child, written to a previously composed melody from the finale of the Twelfth Night show directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski.

The finale of the festival will be devoted to another anniversary – the Adritti Quartet will play a special Arditti Quartet 47 ½ Anniversary concert. On that occasion, we will hear only compositions written for the Adritti that they consider to be the most important in their repertoire or the closest to their hearts. The names of the composers alone – Neuwirth, Saunders, Paredes, Ligeti, Xenakis and Lachenmann – serve as the best invitation to an unforgettable evening with the best of the best in the world of contemporary music.

The festival is held by the City of Krakow and KBF.

Festival passes at the price of 150 PLN and tickets to individual concerts at the price of 30–50 PLN are available on the website of KBF : TICKETS


Sacrum Profanum
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