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Sacrum Profanum 2023

Ensemble E


A new ensemble of international artists and musicians, working within the fields of contemporary experimental music, noise, improvised music, contemporary folk, free jazz and other experimental musicfields and traditions. 

Ensemble E will be working under the leadership of Mats Gustafsson and will play a variety of graphic scores and game pieces, composed and initiated by Gustafsson.

Ensemble E will be focusing on the frictions and balances between solo music expressions and the collective interaction. The collective is making deeper research into traditional and non-traditional ways of expressing the folk music of Scandinavia, Portugal and Poland and how, by putting these traditions in entirely new situations, a radically new music can occur.


Sylwia Świątkowska (POL) – suka 

Arne Forsén (SWE) –prepared piano, clavichord 

Susana Santos Silva (POR/SWE) – trumpet 

Daniel Formo (NOR) – organ, prepared piano 

ManiuchaBikont (POL)–vocals, tuba 

Helga Myhr (NOR) –hardanger fiddle 

Mats Gustafsson (SWE/AUT) – sax and flutes, conductions 


PLUGS (2000/2018/2022) by Mats Gustafsson 

A graphic score and game piece for acoustic instruments, conductor and ear protections. 

EE Opus ONE (2022) by Mats Gustafsson 

Including interactive ensemble-conductions and solo pieces by each individual of the Ensemble E within Scandinavian, Portuguese and Polish folk music, contemporary music and improvised music.