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Sacrum Profanum 2022





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Two completely different faces of the guitar: preparatory-experimental and rock-frenetic.

There is no need to introduce John Zorn. Book of Heads is a cycle of 35 guitar miniatures composed in 1978, inspired not only by the exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but also by profiles of famous politicians or artists. It was originally dedicated to Eugene Chadbourne and uses many of his original extended guitar playing techniques (playing with a balloon or wet finger, with talking puppets) but also a whole bundle of both classic and completely new techniques (playing with pencil or rice). The original material for the album was recorded in 1995 by Marc Ribot. In this performance, the cycle became widespread among guitarists all over the world, with many treating it like a primer of the extended guitar playing. This was the case of James Moore, whose re-reading of the cycle was also recorded on film and re-released by Tzadik Records. It is his interpretation that we will hear in Kraków. On what regards the music itself, these miniatures draw on the language of film, animation, film noir, world music or free improvisation. The score consists of a set of 35 small cards with classical notation, graphic notation and verbal instructions. The performer has a limited amount of freedom for improvisation, which he can incorporate before, after or in between cards that should be precisely executed.

“So, on a piece of paper, written in large letters & placed on the mixing console
– No Pussyfooting –
that we should not compromise what we felt to be right”
— R. Fripp

No [more] Pussyfooting is a project bringing the classic studio albums No Pussyfooting and Evening Star by the duo Brian Eno and Robert Fripp to the stage. These are pre-ambient experiments from the early 1970s, a unique combination of Eno’s tape loops with Fripp’s rock guitar, creating multi-layered soundscapes. The two selected pieces, originally occupying one full side of the vinyl record each, beautifully combine the rich sonic textures of both these techniques. The use of modern technology in combination with the original ‘frippertronics’ and a double set of Revox reel-to-reel tape recorders enabled the preparation of this studio material for live performance. Get ready for a truly uncompromising and abstract version of the musical experimentation with a rock twist.

John Zorn – The Book of Heads (1995) 55’ [Polish première]
Brian Eno / Robert Fripp – The Heavenly Music Corporation (No Pussyfooting) (1973) 20’ [Polish première]
Brian Eno / Robert Fripp – An Index of Metals (Evening Star) (1975) 28’ [Polish première]

Performed by:
James Moore – guitar, objects
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe – arrangement, electric guitar, reel-to-reel tape recorder



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Cricoteka organises exhibitions, symposia, performances, workshops, and meetings, at the same time publishing materials devoted to Kantor’s art. Its home is the former power plant of Podgórze “wrapped” in a modern construction. The exhibition halls are suspended over the roof of the historical building, and the café situated on the top floor commands a panorama of the city,...