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Sacrum Profanum 2022



Kompozycja paragrafowa

There is no game without a solution, but what happens if it has multiple variants? Remember playbooks and their computer equivalents? A recent hit following their convention was the Netflix film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Piotr Peszat attempts to write an autobiographical interactive composition with an alternative storyline. The public takes on a role of a “young, promising composer from Kraków” – a common cliché and a trap it can take years to escape – and decides on the course of their career. But perhaps certain events happen regardless of choices made along the way, such as the criticism from the contemporary music magazine “Glissando”? The composition PEnderSZATch (including the encoded surname Peszat, the popular nickname “Pender” and Bandersnatch) offers an interactive and democratic format exploring recent events from the worlds of popular culture, politics and social, religious and festival lives. If the principles of a democratic state are under question, let’s test them online so that we won’t easily forget and surrender them. The composition is also an unusual tribute to Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki who passed away earlier this year. Join in with entertainment like none other before – help Spółdzielnia Muzyczna play as long as possible and make sure Peszat’s career isn’t over before its time!

Piotr Peszat – PEnderSZATch – interactive composition for ensemble, electronics, video and democratic audience participation* (2020) 50’ [world premiere]

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble

*commissioned especially for the Sacrum Profanum festival