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Sacrum Profanum 2023


11:00 14:00 17:00 20:00



Ania Karpowicz explores flute practice to find sources of feminine identity and new – immanently digital – forms of expression. The sound of the flute tends to be infantilised and perceived as weak or even sweet, limiting it to pastoral and children’s music. By using the latest performance techniques, the artist finds new sound aspects for the instrument. The multimedia format of the cyber-recital, prepared for the project before the COVID-19 pandemic, is taking on new dimensions and meanings. Tova (Hebrew “good, pleasing”) attempts to answer important questions on identity. What does it mean to be a girl in a country which has experienced a political transformation? Who are the role models of young female artists from a peripheral country in central Europe? What does the powerful, Judaeo-Christian standard of “female kindness”, ubiquitous in Polish culture, inspire? Karpowicz is joined in her search by guest composers Teoniki Rożynek, Marta Śniady, Nina Fukuoka and Aleksandra Kaca.

Marta Śniady – 4 rituals of women’s happiness 2.0 (2020) 12’ [world premiere]
Nina Fukuoka – 残生 (zansei) 12’ [world premiere]
Aleksandra Kaca – Inner (2020) 12’ [world premiere]
Teoniki Rożynek – Scream (2020) 12’ [world premiere]

Ania Karpowicz – flute, electronics, video

Prepared as part of the grant programme of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage “Online Culture”.