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Sacrum Profanum 2023



The Małopolska Garden of Arts


Inescapable Spiral


Pauline Oliveros – Sound Listening (2013) 11’ [Polish premiere]

Okkyung Lee – ha-yeom (2016) 10’ [Polish premiere]

Nicole Mitchell – Inescapable Spiral^ (2017) 7’ [Polish premiere] - Indigo (Opening), Abalone, Sunburst, Aqua, Abalone, Smoke, Magenta, Rust

Ashley Fure – Therefore I Was (2012) 14’ [Polish premiere]

Wojtek Blecharz – Stimm(i)[u]ung for inverted cello and 2-4 instruments* (2019) 10’ [World premiere]

Nicole Mitchell – Inescapable Spiral^ (2017) 7’ [Polish premiere] - Silver, Copper, Teal, Lavender, Cobalt, Auburn, Indigo (Closing)

Anthony Pateras – Broken Then Fixed Then Broken (2009) 7’ [Polish premiere]

Mario Diaz de Leon – Gated Eclipse (2006) 16’ [Polish premiere]


  • ICE International Contemporary Ensemble

^ commissioned by the International Contemporary Ensemble, with lead support from Oscar Gerardo, through ICE’s First Page initiative

* commissioned by the Sacrum Profanum Festival – the piece will be part of a new documentary film by Piotr Stasik)

Going beyond the canon and breaking with academic tradition to blur the boundaries between contemporary and alternative music is the main goal of Sacrum Profanum. The ICE Ensemble will present a programme aimed at doing exactly that, featuring Pauline Oliveros with a deep listening exercise; Mario Diaz de Leon exploring the relationship between electronic and contemporary music in a broad sense, from IDM to noise, in transcription for an amplified instrument ensemble; Anthony Pateras – an Australian artist composing under the influence of his experience with freely improvised and electroacoustic music – we are going to listen to one of his older compositions for trio and electronics, as well as Okkyung Lee – cellist, improviser and composer, using extended performance techniques, who moves between jazz, classical, Korean music and noise traditions, and who collaborated with various artists including Arca, Ellen Fullman, Jenny Hval, Ikue Mori and John Zorn.

In addition, we are going to have an opportunity to enjoy a special piece by Wojtek Blecharz, who treats music as a testimony to his own life, experience, cognition and thoughts. He speaks openly about the process of composing as a struggle with the “body” of the instrument. Performance and body are now the focal point of his interests – the role of the physicality of the performer in the production of sound, as well as building relations between the performer’s body and how the physical gesture determines sound. The festival commission is an attempt to include autics in writing music, deeply embedded in a wider context. A documentary film by Piotr Stasik will depict the entire creative process supervised by Blecharz, along with the premiere, performed by the ICE Ensemble.


The Małopolska Garden of Arts

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The Małopolska Garden of Arts is a place, where the cultural life of the Kraków’s young artistic set blossom under a shared roof. Modern ballet, contemporary theatre forms, audio and video arts, concerts, and all and any other artistic pursuits find their home here. The building of MGA introduced new spatial order to the old backyards and ruined buildings in Rajska and...