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Sacrum Profanum Festiwal

October 2019 Wednesday




Why Patterns?

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Morton Feldman – Why Patterns? (1978) 29’

Lucia Dlugoszewski – Tight Rope* (1968) 15’ [Polish premiere]

Lucia Dlugoszewski – Openings of the (Eye)* (1951) [Polish premiere]

  1. Discovery of the Minotaur
  2. Disconsolate Chimera
  3. Ritual of the Descent
  4. Goat of the God
  5. Eros, the Firstborn


  • Hashtag Ensemble
  • Marta Kosieradzka - dance

Project carried out in cooperation with Bôłt Records.

* Notes thanks to dr Libby Smigel and US Congress Library with help of Katherine Duke and Erick Hawkins Dance Company. Under license of Erick Hawkins Dance Foundation, Inc.

Among the avant-garde Polish artists, the festival will present the works of Lucia Dlugoszewski, an artist active in the United States – a composer whose work is completely unknown in our country. Only after last year’s efforts was it possible to find the scores of the composer, who passed away in 2000 – they will be published soon. Thanks to this, the Sacrum Profanum Festival will feature three of her compositions, including a composition presented by the Hashtag Ensemble, accompanied by an improvised dance. Dlugoszewski’s music was often composed to illustrate choreographies created by her husband, Eric Hawkins. Due to her innovative sound, her works are often compared to the likes of Harry Partch, Pauline Oliveros and Moondog.

We will also showcase Morton Feldman – representative of the New York experimental composing school, which enabled him to meet Dlugoszewski. Feldman wrote music that was quiet, slowly developing, characterised by disorganised rhythm, with blurring in the pitch of its sounds. We are going to listen to Why Patterns for a trio, composed in 1978.



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