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Sacrum Profanum Festiwal

#17. Sacrum Profanum: programme of accompanying events

A unique project realised thanks to the cooperation of Avant Art Festival, Sacrum Profanum Festival and Bocian Records label – a concert by the IPT Wójciński/Bańdur/Gucik trio, exhibition of Anna Sztwiertnia from the Art Bunker, discussion panels and even workshops for children – all this makes up the extensive programme of events accompanying this year's Sacrum Profanum Festival.

The concerts of this year’s edition of Sacrum Profanum, held under the slogan Neighbourhood, are accompanied by a wide range of events, including discussion panels organised jointly with Glissando and Fragile magazines, as well as concerts, exhibitions and workshops for children. We'll look for the answer to the question of whether there is still room for sacrum in contemporary music? We will listen to the IPT trio during the premiere of their album, but we will also talk about musical creativity in the era of global reorientation.

Sacrum Profanum accompanying events:


The Sanctuary exhibition is the first solo presentation of Anna Sztwiertnia’s work in a public cultural institution. For the duration of the exhibition, the artist transforms the Lower Gallery into a new version of the legendary New York Sanctuary Club, which operated in an abandoned Lutheran church and was the first gay disco in America, enjoying great popularity and crowds. Through objects and video, as well as sound, light and heat effects, the artist uses motifs taken from Christian rites or New Age formulas and rave and techno events, developing an artistic, trance-like ritual that allows her to go beyond the experience of everyday life.
Anna Sztwiertnia – Sanctuary
Curator: Anna Lebensztejn
Art Bunker Gallery of Contemporary Art, Lower Gallery, 27.09-3.11.2019

Opening: 26.09.2019, 6 p.m.

Australian experimental music scene / Fragile

Everything you every wanted to know about Australian new music, but you didn't even ask, because... Australia is too far away. Following the three fascinating, yet artistically different biographies of the festival guests – Natasha Anderson, Mike Majkowski and Anthony Pateras – we will try to sketch out a picture of experimental music on the smallest continent. The meeting will be hosted by Tomasz Gregorczyk (Fragile).

Pauza Hub, 27.09.2019, 5 p.m.


Concert by IPT Wójciński/Bańdur/Gucik trio and premiere of IPT's album Diffractions
The music of IPT Wójciński/Bańdur/Gucik is a combination of free improvisation characteristic of free jazz with precisely composed form and numerous references to contemporary music: minimalism, sonorism, surconventionalism, spectralism. The album Diffractions, released by For Tune Records, is a recording of an IPT trio concert at the Krakow headquarters of the Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble. The premiere of the Diffractions album will be accompanied by a meeting between the musicians and editor Robert Konatowicz.

Radio Krakow Słowackiego 22, Kraków, Romana Bobrowska Radio Kraków Concert Studio, 29.09.2019, 9 p.m.

Music in Lithuania a decade after the Lithuanian issue of Glissando / Glissando

Ten years after the 15th issue of Glissando, devoted to contemporary Lithuanian music, we invite you to a discussion with Arthur Bumšteinas, Gailė Griciūtė and Anton Lukoszevieze on the current situation of contemporary and experimental music in Lithuania. Where are the protagonists of that issue today? Has a new generation of artists emerged? How strong are the traditions of minimalism, postminimalism and Fluxus in Lithuanian music today? These and other topics will be discussed with Anton Lukoszevieze, Gailė Griciūtė and Arturas Bumšteinas by Antoni Michnik (Glissando).

Cricoteka, 30.09.2019, 6 p.m.

Is there a place for sacrum in contemporary music? / Fragile

Is there still room for sacrum in contemporary music? How important is this topic for today's artists and can it be taken up without running into artistic shallows? Or perhaps today we should carry out the search for sacrum somewhere else, not necessarily in works that are openly religious? What can be deduced from music about contemporary forms of spirituality? The interview with Prof. Robert Piłat (philosopher) and Iwona Lindstedt (musicologist) will be conducted by Ewa Szczecińska from Radio Two.

Cricoteka, 1.10.2019, 5 p.m.

Music and migration. Discussion on musical creativity in the era of global reorientation / Glissando

Mobility is now one of the most important features of the contemporary music ecosystem. It not only defines the relationships between artists, performers, institutions and listeners, it even decides on the financing of subsequent artistic projects. In our discussion we will consider whether contemporary music can be listened to everywhere in the same way that constant movement pushes the boundaries of one's own identity (professional, artistic, social, cultural, national or gender). The conversation with Katarzyna Głowicka (The Hague), Wassim Ibrahim (Krakow), Wojtek Blecharz (Berlin) and Renāte Stivriņa (Krakow) will be hosted by Monika Żyła (Glissando, Berlin/Frankfurt am Main).

Cricoteka, 2.10.2019, 4 p.m.

Avant Art meets Sacrum Profanum meets Bocian Records

3x solo: Bill Orcutt / Aaron Turner / Mick Barr
It is our great pleasure to present a unique project realised thanks to the cooperation of Avant Art Festival, Sacrum Profanum Festival, the Bocian Records label and the SPATiF club in Warsaw. In the course of one evening, we will three extraordinary American guitarists – Bill Orcutt, Aaron Turner and Mick Barr – who will face their own interpretation of experimental music in solo performances, each one stylistically different from the others. The participation of Mick Barr and Aaron Turner is possible thanks to the cooperation of Avant Art Festival with Bocian Records and Sacrum Profanum Festival, where a few days earlier, Mick Barr and Aaron Turner will perform during the "House of Low Culture" concert with premiere pieces.

Spatif, Warsaw, 6.10.2019, 7 p.m.

Let's make a drum

Construction and music workshops
Do you like to play different instruments? Or maybe you'd like to play ones you build yourself? If so, join us for workshops on the creation of musical instruments. We’re going to make rattles, tambourines, drums and maybe we’ll even build a string instrument! And of course we will play them all! We invite children aged 6 and over to participate in the workshops, which will last about an hour. The event is free of charge and will be hosted by Anna Kwiatkowska, an experienced cultural animator and children's imagination specialist.

Cricoteka, 28.09.2019, 2 p.m.

Music moods

Music and art workshops
Did you know that music can hum like the waves or buzz like a bee? If you didn’t, you will be able to find out about it in our workshops, during which we will listen to the moods of music and then try to present them in art works. Good hearing and imagination required! We invite children aged 6 and over to participate in the workshops, which will last about an hour. The event is free of charge and will be hosted by Anna Kwiatkowska, an experienced cultural animator and children's imagination specialist.

Cricoteka, 29.09.2019, 11 a.m.