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Jussi Lehtisalo

Jussi Lehtisalo, born 1973, is a Finnish heavy metal bassist and aspiring singer-songwriter. In 1991 he founded Circle, a prolific band drawing influences from heavy metal. He also runs a record label, Ektro Records, releasing his own music alongside left field rock and metal releases by artists such as Faust and Acid Mothers Temple.

The main project for Lehtisalo's musical endeavours, Circle have released 40 albums since 1994. All focus on repetition as a key ingredient, and yet the variation from album to album is often startling.

Jussi Lehtisalo has taken a break from his duties in the hard rock group Circle and gone solo to seek direct means of expression for his inner moods. The resulting album "Rotta" is a touching collection tunes, which lead the listener through the sidewalks, back alleys and small corner pubs of Lehtisalo's hometown Pori.


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