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Sacrum Profanum Festiwal

Paweł Mykietyn

Mykietyn was born in 1971 in Oława. He graduated from composer studies under Włodzimierz Kotoński. He debuted quite early (1991) at the Warsaw Autumn Festival with La strada. His subsequent scores – 3 for 13 (1995) and Epifora (1996) were granted a recommendation at the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers. It was then that Paweł Mykietyn’s career gained momentum. Apart from composing his own music, the artist also leads the Nonstrom band as a clarinettist. He also writes music for theatre and film. He works in permanent cooperation with Krzysztof Warlikowski. His was the most spectacular composer’s debut of the 1990s. The national silver, receiver of some of the most prestigious commissions for occasional pieces – for the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Solidarity (Vivo XXX) or for the inauguration of the Polish presidency in the European Union (The 3rd Symphony). His every new piece is awaited in great suspense by both critics and numerous members of the audience. Initially interested in postmodernist games with the past, playing with the idiom of classical music, skilfully drawn melodies, euphonic harmonics, but also repetitive narration, full of free figurations, in recent years he has been turning towards microtonality. Using an elaborate sound system with spectral elements, he creates subtle, colouristically glazed music, not devoid of fragments of a more distinct nature. Since recently, he wants to cross the borderlines between the music worlds again. This time, however, he does not refer to surconventional games with old masters, but introduces the sounds of rock music to an elegant philharmonic space (St. Mark Passion), and tells a respectable singer to slam like a proper rapper (The 3rd Symphony).

Picture: Albert Zawada