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Sacrum Profanum Festiwal

Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner is a musician, singer, and graphic artist who has been publicly active since 1995. He is most widely known for his role as guitarist and vocalist for the post-metal band Isis, and new band SUMAC. While also participating in numerous musical projects such as Mamiffer, House of Low Culture, Jodis, Old Man Gloom, Lotus Eaters, Greymachine and Split Cranium. He has collaborated on stage and in the studio with artists such as Masami Akita/Merzbow, Jussi Lehtisalo, Stephen O’Malley, Tim Hecker, Justin Broadrick, Daniel Menche, James Plotkin and many others. Performing live for nearly two decades, Turner’s appearances have ranged from basements and DIY youth centers to international festivals and museum/galley spaces. His work has been largely informed by a lifetime involvement with the underground metal and hardcore scene, but has often materialized in highly abstracted forms that utilize processes of electro-acoustic exploration, emotionally rigorous improvisation and long form compositional techniques. Of particular interest to Turner is the tension created by purposeful juxtaposition of recognizable/melodic song structure with disruptive textures and other “non-musical” sounds. Though his music has taken many shapes, the central goal has remained constant – a overriding desire to generate sound that summons strong emotional responses for the listener as well as the performer.

In addition to his many musical projects, Turner is the founder and art director of Hydra Head Records, a long running independent record label focused on heavy and experimental music. In partnership with his wife Faith Coloccia, Turner also founded the SIGE Records label, with the primary intent of publishing their own works, as well as that of their ever widening circle of collaborators. His current and near future projects include an ongoing collaboration with William Fowler Collins: Thalassa, a new project with Daniel Menche: NOX, a SUMAC collaboration with Keiji Haino and solo guitar compositions.