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Sacrum Profanum Festiwal

Zespół Wokalny Gęba

Gęba Vocal Ensemble was born thanks to the “Gębofon” Vocal Meeting, devoted to advanced vocal techniques. The ensemble debuted in 2009 at the “New Music Peninsula” Festival in Wigry, presenting the premiere performance of Five Songs by Arturas Bumšteinas. In the same year, Zbigniew Karkowski composed his monumental Encumbrance for nine vocalists and electronics with Gęba in mind.

Gęba can easily deal with multiple styles and genres – from pop music to contemporary compositions. The ensemble features vocalists and singers with various education and experience, from traditional singing, through classical singing and beatboxing, to other advanced techniques. The line-up constantly changes depending on the needs; however, it is always made up of singers from Warsaw and beyond.

At Sacrum Profanum, Gęba’s line-up will feature:

  • Baskak (Antoni Beksiak) – ensemble preparation
  • Anna Jurkiewicz
  • Olga Kozieł
  • Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj
  • Paweł Michalczuk
  • Maria Puzyna
  • Tetiana Sopiłka
  • Michał Ziółkowski
  • Aleksandra Klimczak