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Sacrum Profanum Festiwal

LEM: BIRTHDAY at the Sacrum Profanum Festival


On the 12th of September, as in previous years, we celebrate the birthday of Stanisław Lem in Krakow. For the first time, however, we will see you during the jubilee of the Sacrum Profanum Festival. The programme of the premiere of the book Boli tylko, gdy się śmieję [It Only Hurts When I Laugh] and a unique live radio play Solaris.

The evening of the 12th of September will begin at the Museum of Urban Engineering with the premiere of the book Boli tylko, gdy się śmieję.  Ewa  Lipska, Stanisław Lem i Tomasz Lem. Listy i rozmowy [It Only Hurts When I Laugh. Ewa Lipska, Stanisław Lem and Tomasz Lem. Letters and Conversations]. Ewa Lipska will attend the meeting, and talking with her will be two of the most outstanding Polish Lemologists: Tomasz Fiałkowski and Stanisław Bereś. The book, prepared by the Wydawnictwo Literackie publishing house, consists of unpublished letters from Lipska and Lem, records of their conversations and correspondence between the poet and Tomasz Lem. The previous volumes of Stanisław Lem’s letters, such as his correspondence with Sławomir Mrożek or Michael Kandel, aroused great interest among readers. There is no doubt that this year’s novelty will be equally interesting reading – Boli tylko, gdy się śmieję is not only a record of friendship, but also an excellent dose of humour, fun tongue and observation – on point and razor-sharp.

Immediately after this meeting we invite you to SOLARIS – a live broadcast during which we will hear fragments of Solaris – Stanisław Lem’s most famous novel, interpreted by excellent actors with specially composed music and live sound effects. Solaris is one of Audioteka’s most moving super productions. Kris Kelvin’s bottomless loneliness and longing are intensified here by Karol Nepelski’s outstanding music. An encounter with a living ocean has probably never been so tangible. This time we will be able to experience it during this unique paratheatrical event.

The LEM: BIRTHDAY event is organised by the City of Krakow, Krakow Festival Office, UNESCO Krakow City of Literature, Audioteka and Wydawnictwo Literackie publishing house.

12 September 2018, 6.30 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Location: Museum of Urban Engineering
Free event
Entry tickets available at

The premiere of the book Boli tylko, gdy się śmieję. Listy i rozmowy published by Wydawnictwo Literackie.
The guests of the meeting will be Ewa Lipska, Stanisław Bereś and Tomasz Fiałkowski.

SOLARIS. A live performance (fragments)
Directed by: Waldemar Raźniak
Performed by: Robert Więckiewicz, Karolina Gorczyca, Cezary Kosiński
Karol Nepelski’s music performed by Renata Guzik (piccolo flute, flute, bass flute, double bass flute), Tomasz Gajewski (trombone), Gabriele Opacka (violin), Krzysztof Jaworowski (double bass), Piotr Madej (electronic instruments ).
Sound design: Kamil Sajewicz
Production: Audioteka